You may have heard that the human body completely renews its cells every seven to 10 years. With some notable exceptions, most of our bodies are in a constant state of renewal.

This process is constant, not instantaneous. But one day, if we knew how to look, we’d realize that we were almost a completely different person than we were a decade ago.

When I started Access Chicago Realty seven years ago, I knew I wanted to fix the problems I saw in our industry. Back then, I helped a lot of people find their apartments. One of the problems those people were having was accessing enough of the available rental inventory, and I had a solution for that. Hence, Access Chicago Realty.

Montage: for the better part of the next decade, Access grew and grew. It started helping Chicagoans buy and sell homes, too. More Realtors joined, and Access gave them the tools to help even more people. We adopted lean start-up methodology, a process of constant testing and improvement, that allowed us to efficiently provide service that wouldn’t have been possible without technology. Our company began to change more quickly until I barely recognized the business I started in my bedroom in 2010.

Somewhat coincidentally, Friday was the seven-year anniversary of the day I started Access. We’ve been in a constant state of renewal, and sure enough, we’re an entirely different company than we were back then. We’re less about access to listings and more about inspiring and empowering our people, our clients and our community.

Once we understood that, we knew we weren’t Access Chicago Realty anymore.

Access Chicago Realty is now Center Coast Realty.

We like to think Chicago is the center of metropolitan life in America’s heartland, and its role as the biggest city on the Great Lakes gives it a unique identity. Adopting the robust, get-’er-done mentality of our coastal community, Center Coast agents find themselves at the center of every real estate transaction. A real estate transaction is a complex series of rapid-fire exchanges between buyers, sellers, lenders, attorneys and tradespeople. We put all these transactions together. We solve problems. We inspire people to make moves in their lives and in our city.

We’ve worked hard to build a special culture of sharing and learning, housed in an office that is one of the social centers of our community. We provide workshops, networking opportunities, community events, and guidance so our clients can buy and sell with confidence. We also believe in giving back. When you work with us to buy or sell a home, you’re helping us produce events that raise money for Chicago-based non-profits.

Our mission is to empower people to transform their lives through real estate, by building a sense of togetherness and purpose for our people, our clients, and our community. And we are pretty psyched to take it to the next level. Ready to make moves with us? Let’s go.