Top 5 4th of July Celebrations In Chicago

Chicago 4th of July celebrations are nothing short of spectacular! This year, Chicago has some tricks up its sleeve with massive celebrations and close-to-home gatherings. You can always go to Navy Pier which is currently getting an awesomely new Ferris Wheel upgrade, but we decided to share our favorite 4th of July celebrations we found going on this weekend:

Celebrate On Lake Michigan
Take an Architecture Fireworks tour with Shoreline Sightseeing. Tickets range from $12-$18/kids and $24-$39/adults. Get your tickets for the Shoreline Sightseeing Architecture Fireworks Tour.

All-American Celebration
“Enjoy America’s pastime this Independence Day! At Wrigley Field, the Cubs host the stadium’s first post-game fireworks show in one hundred years (seriously, the last time was in 1915 when it was still called Weeghman Park). The game against the Marlins starts at 6:15 p.m., and the first 10,000 attendees will get a free camo-themed cap. Tickets are $35 to $155.” Get your tickets to the game and enjoy the show!

For the Pyro’s of Chicago
Winnemac Park Fireworks is a sight to see. Join the dad’s of Ravenswood with their array of fireworks on the 4th of July. Fair warning, while police are present, this unique fireworks display is not in accordance with safety regulations. “…nobody is willing to publicly claim responsibility for the fireworks display, seeing as any fireworks let off in the park are unlicensed and illegal. ” Don’t worry – I went last year and all is fair in love and fireworks. The Winnemac Park celebration is absolutely FREE!

Celebrate Away from Crowds
360 Chicago (875 N. Michigan Ave.), formerly the John Hancock Observatory, offers a sweeping view of the show from 1,000 feet above Lake Michigan. Admission fees are $19 for adults and $13 for kids (free for 3 and under).”

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