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Cost of Living:

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Playful, artistic, & colorful.

Stunning tree-lined streets.

Kris Bryant is here 81 days a year, at least. Go Cubs!

The Case For

  • Transit options are more than plenty: with the Red, Brown, and Purple Lines, you can get almost anywhere!
  • Beautiful neighborhood to walk and explore, with inviting commercial options and a growing nightlife.
  • Lake Shore Drive (and its express buses) take you downtown in a hurry.

The Case Against

  • Wrigleyville exists. And the construction on Wrigley is scheduled to last until 2018!
  • Highway 90/94 is a hike – and it feels like everybody needs to get there in the morning.
  • Improving dining options, but still not as plentiful as some comparable neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Highlights

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