Sometimes, expressing ‘thanks’ can be a challenge. It can be hard to show those that you appreciate how thankful you are for their friendship and business. I am fortunate enough to have some awesome clients turned friends, and friends turned clients, so I wanted to get them all together and host a night to say ‘thank you’!

This was such a fun event to plan and host! Throughout the night, I was looking around and saw some renters, sellers – and a lot of first time home buyers. It got me thinking, what can I do to help reach more first time home buyers and be a knowledgeable resource? Many people perceiving buying their first home as unattainable. In my experience, that’s just because they don’t know what they don’t know! Here is some of my best advice if you’re looking to purchase that first home of yours:

  1. Start the conversation early on with a realtor – me! Being a former teacher, I have carried my love of education over to my clients, focusing on home buying rather than middle school science. Conversations can be informal and informational all at the same time!
  2. Talk to a lender, if needed, so you know how much house you can shop for. Yes, looking on different apps and websites is fun (who doesn’t want to peruse the million dollar homes?), but knowing your budget is an important part to ensuring your success in the home buying process.
  3. Put together lists: what do you need in your home, what do you want in your home? What would be a perk but not a deal breaker? What neighborhood(s) do you like? Streamline your thoughts so that when you start to look you can stay focused on your lists. Yes, things might change, but it’s good to have a guide and something to refer back to as you are going through different homes.
  4. Check out some different neighborhoods and open houses. Now that the weather is getting nicer out, spend a couple of hours on your Saturday or Sunday just walking through some open houses (want me to send you some open house options? Just email me!). If you are open to looking at different neighborhoods, take time to explore and walk around. Pro tip: Grab brunch before or after and enjoy a drink to reward yourself for all the looking you did! Reach out if you want some recommendations on brunch spots in different neighborhoods!
  5. Have fun with the process! Buying a home is a very exciting and monumental life event! No one can truly be prepared for some of the curve balls that may happen, but with the goal in mind of buying your first home and my guidance, we can get it done and have fun along the way!

That should get you started. Still have questions about buying your first home? Check out this webinar!